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  • Happy birthday to @jayosmond, my best friend and cool brother that has always been there for me. I hope you have the best day ever-I love u!
    about 4 weeks ago
  • U&Guest can win front row seats like .@IsleJane ! At 7pm TWEET Sect., Row and Seat #s 4 .@WildHorsePass Show8pm2NITE💋
    about 2 hours ago
  • "@cathynel: @carlreiner So, you get autographs too! Cool." He was on the D&M show. Great guy. Ran into him in Beverly Hills.
    about 5 hours ago
  • How to deal with tendonitis pain - #GoogleAlerts
    about 1 week ago
  • And who will be joining @jimmyosmond @jayosmond @merrillosmond for their show at the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre in Marietta, GA Apr 4?!
    about 11 hours ago

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