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Merrill Osmond interviewed by Sophia Osmond

Merrill Osmond and Sophia talk one on one about the once in a lifetime tour.

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The Osmonds interviewed by Sophia Osmond

Sophia Spends some time with the Osmond brothers as they finish the final leg of their UK tour.

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Wayne Osmond interviewed by Sophia Osmond

Sophia sits down with Wayne Osmond, backstage at the once in a lifetime tour.

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Sophia Goes Backstage with… The Bay City Rollers

Sophia chats with Les McKeown and then meets up with the rest of the “Rollers” in this fun, behind-the-scenes interview.

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David Essex interviewed by Sophia Osmond

Sophia Osmond sits down with David Essex to discuss upcoming projects, the tour, and more!

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  • Thanks @Butlins for the great start to my #JimmyOsmond70sJukebox Tour we had a blast - see you next time :-)
    about 24 hours ago
  • Update on #70sJukeboxTour with @jimmyosmond
    about 5 days ago
  • It takes patience and talent to know how to be SILENT and to LISTEN. See how this practice kept peace in my family.…
    about 7 hours ago
  • Keep an eye out for exciting #DonnyandMarie touring news to be announced this Monday!
    about 2 days ago
  • One way ticket to anywhere-how about a cruise?...
    about 2 days ago
  • Health & Wellness: How to treat kid's colds and when to see a doctor - #GoogleAlerts
    about 3 days ago
  • This is Dr. Billings and myself. I have been asked to be a spokesperson for a company called Acellus. It's a study…
    about 1 day ago
  • How about your MARRIAGE? Was it recorded in Heaven to last forever or will it end with 'till death do you part?…
    about 2 days ago

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