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  • #NationalGrandparentsDay is in in Sept. but found this footage of my grandparents sweet 💋💋💋!
    about 29 mins ago
  • I'll be doing a QnA on Reddit in a few hours (11am PST / 7pm London); answering your questions. I'll see you at
    about 3 days ago
  • Karen & I wish everyone a wonderful New Year blessed with faith, hope & compassion. May God grant experiences which bring joy & happiness.
    about 4 weeks ago
  • Laura Bush and Donny Osmond to Share Family Stories at RootsTech
    about 5 days ago
  • Seeing @jimmyosmond, @jayosmond & @merrillosmond at The Orleans Apr 10-12? Then keep that Sat. free-we are having a party! Stay tuned!
    about 3 days ago

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