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  • Happy birthday @wayneosmond! I hope u know how much I love u! U are an amazing example & I'm grateful to have u and @KathyOsmond in my life.
    about 4 days ago
  • .@DonnyOsmond Sure miss you and so happy you got the "all clear"👍 Time 2 get back 2 work, #Bro!💋
    about 18 hours ago
  • I've stated before how much I love my @TeslaMotors, but here's what Consumer Reports says:
    about 9 hours ago
  • Happy Birthday @wayneosmond! It's amazing how the years come and go, yet ol' Wayne seems to have the energy of a lion! Love you bud!
    about 4 days ago
  • North Dakota Young Mother of the Year: 'Sweet moments' of motherhood | Deseret News via @deseretnews
    about 2 months ago

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