Jimmy Osmond will pay tribute to Andy Williams in his show Moon River and Me at Weymouth Pavilion

Dorset Echo | Joanna Davis | January 12, 2018

He’s the youngest member of legendary singing group The Osmonds and he’s bringing his musical tribute to Andy Williams to Weymouth. Jimmy Osmond tells Joanna Davis how his love of performing live just won’t go away.

SOFTLY-SPOKEN, polite and ever the professional, I know I am speaking to a member of one of pop’s most well-oiled machines The Osmonds when Jimmy promptly picks up the phone on the second ring.

He has organised an interview with me to talk about his forthcoming project, despite still being knee-deep in make-up and flamboyant robes performing as Abanazar in Aladdin in pantomime in Aberdeen.

The crooner played a key role in Jimmy’s musical development after the young star appeared on the Andy Williams Show with his clean-cut singing siblings Donny, Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay.

Jimmy said: “We all took away a wonderful experience from working with Andy. I was on his TV show and did my cutesy thing and he helped me and introduced me to many people. It was quite cool to know people who became legendary – I got to work with Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.”

I mention to Jimmy that not many nine-year-olds have a number one single. In fact – none. He remains the youngest ever performer to have a number one single in the UK charts with Scouse-themed ditty Long Haired Lover from Liverpool.

Jimmy said he has learnt to embrace the track, which is often listed as a ‘novelty tune’.

“I think it was quite a precocious childhood. It was very different and I’m coming to terms with it after a lot of therapy!

“Long Haired Lover from Liverpool wasn’t the only song I had. I was so young and they put me in the Guinness Book of Records. But I used to be embarrassed about it and tried to leave it out of the set a few times.

“I tried to leave it out when we played Wembley Arena but everyone started singing it. Right then I realised it’s not about me, it’s about remembering it and honouring the memory of it and that’s what I was doing with these people.”

“There’s so many hits of Andy Williams that are classics and it’s fun to hear so many people re-recording them today. Moon River and Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of you, they’re classic and everyone knows them and of course they’re used in adverts.”

The audience of Moon River and Me can expect to hear award-winning music and view nostalgic footage. There will also be special memories of Andy Williams shared.

Jimmy said: “It’s fun to share the story of Andy Williams on digital screens – the setting is very intimate, it has a real intimate 60s vibe to it and everyone has time to interact.”

“It’s the second time the show has been over here in the UK but this time we’re taking it out to new venues. It started out before Andy passed away in 2012. We built this beautiful theatre in Missouri and produced this show just for there.

“People came from all over the world to see it and relive that music. I produced the show but I wasn’t supposed to be in it. I got so much support for it from my brothers and Andy, people started to hear about it and it’s been on cruise ships all over.

“If you want to see a show that takes you back to a time of easy listening classics then this is it. It’s something with interest for people of all ages. I’ll bring out my guitar that sheds fireworks and it’s a chance to hear the American songbook and it has a really cool vibe. It’s great for me personally and I enjoy it so much.”

And it’s not just the older generation who remember the likes of Love Me For a Reason and Crazy Horses who turn out to see the show, Jimmy says.

“The great thing about it is we get a great mix of audience, both young and old and people may remember us from our hits in the 70s or seen me on Master Chef or in the jungle so it’s great to see the younger ones there.”

Although Jimmy has branched out from singing – also doing acting and producing, live performance remains his first love.

“I’ve had 50 years in showbiz. Producing, acting, really all that is boring. What I really love is the live shows. I love singing the songs. You sing the songs and get involved with people,” he says.

And touring the UK with the team behind Moon River and Me, including the array of guest performers, suits Jimmy well, he says.

“We all get along so well. It’s a lot of fun. I have grown up being a part of a team with The Osmonds and even though I was solo I have a hard time doing stuff on my own. It’s fun being part of the team and having lunch together.”

And just in case anyone is getting worried about Jimmy taking it too easy, rest assured he’s already planning his next project – there’s no rest for this workaholic who produces an incredible 400 shows a year.

“Unfortunately I can’t be in all those shows!” he says.

“It’s busy but there’s some more things I want to do though like spend more time with my wife and go to the graduation of my son.

“I don’t think he’ll be going into showbusiness but he’s a really good ventriloquist. He’s got red hair like my grandma and like Donny’s son – I think there’s a recessive red hair gene in the family.

“I think I’ll get all my kids interested in being a doctor, dentist and all the useful things, rather than singing!”

*Jimmy Osmond – Moon River and Me, Weymouth Pavilion, Tuesday, February 20, 7.30pm. Call the box office for tickets and more information.

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