• Journey rocked it in Provo last night for a Happy 4th!
    about 2 days ago
  • Touching #videooftheday! #Mother's #memory returns & she says #ILoveYou! Video made me cry! 👵🏻❤️👩🏻💋 #RT #KGunderson
    about 1 hour ago
  • Happy July 1st everyone! The July issue of my newsletter is online!
    about 7 days ago
  • North Dakota Young Mother of the Year: 'Sweet moments' of motherhood | Deseret News via @deseretnews
    about 5 days ago
  • Celebrating the fourth of July with my family with a private firework show in the backyard
    about 4 days ago
  • From The Osmond Brothers' show in Riverton, UT this past Monday- @AlanOsmond3 joined his bros for a rare appearance!
    about 2 weeks ago

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